[19/05/16 10:16AM]
EA Rolls Out Sixth Title Update for FIFA 16 on PC
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EA has just rolled out its sixth title update for FIFA 16 on the PC. The release of the update on other platforms including the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 are expected at a later date. The update is based on player feedback, and FIFA is expected to continue to take feedback for future updates.

This update adds improvements to messaging abilities. A rematch issue in online draft has been fixed. Players can also expect smooth and faster matchmaking. Players can now communicate better from inside the game, in case of problems or for updates. The compare feature in the leaderboards has been fixed. Pro Clubs affected by Player Mode Accomplishments are also fixed now, so that should no longer be a problem.

FIFA 16 is a popular football simulation game. This release was the first in the franchise to feature female players in the line-up as well. Apart from the major console and PC, the game is available on Android and iOS as well. Previous title updates have expanded teams, improved stability in various player modes, improved the penalty decision system and game balancing fixes.


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