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How to Earn More Coins in FIFA 16
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To get more bang for your buck, FUT Draft is a great way to get a bunch of packs and players and also save on wasting your squad's contracts, too. By paying 15,000 coins, which won't take too long to earn once you get going, you can play in the dream team tournament and earn potentially huge rewards should you progress far enough. 

If you receive a great card in a pack, but it isn't necessarily one you can use in your squad, or it would enquire building an entirely new squad, consider selling it for big profit instead. This is a great way to make a quick buck rather than fork out extra coin to try and build a team around it.

Once again, Ultimate Team is about chemistry rather than a collection of star players, so if the value of that card can be better spent collecting a better team, it might be worth the sacrifice. Not if it's a Messi or Ibrahimovic, obviously.


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