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Top 5 FIFA 16 Bundesliga Winter Upgrades
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As we edge closer and closer to Valentine's Day, FIFA 16 gamers can only think about one thing: Winter Upgrades. With less than a week left in the Transfer Window, we expect a lot of high profile moves as teams bolster their squads for the second half of the season.

Here, we look at the Top 5 Bundesliga upgrades deserved.

Raffael has been leading the line for Gladbach with aplomb. He has scored 6 and assisted 8 this term. While these aren't outlandish stats, we still believe they warrant some recognition and have thus given his a +1 upgrade to 82 which will see his in-form increase to 83!

The potential young player Sane has high chance to be upgraded. He will be the lucky boy, 4 goals and 4 assists amazing performance can give him +4 upgrades.

Coman has accrued 2 goals and 2 assists after 7 appearances, not to mention 3 assists in the Champions League! While we believe he should receive a push to gold, we can't see EA handing out anything more than a +3 rating.

It looks as though Costa has been plying his trade in Bavaria all his life. Well, Bayern always can choose the excellent player, when Robben and Ribery in injuries, they brought in Costa successfully. He is rated 81, however we think he is far more deserving of a 83 rating, which should be expected in winter.

When you look at the Gabon international's stats, only one word comes to mind: BEAST! 95 pace, 81 shooting, 75 passing and 71 physical making Aubameyang the perfect striking specimen. He has been ripping the Bundesliga to shreds this season, scoring 18 in 18 games. While this form is astounding, we can't see EA handing out more than a +2 increase to 84.


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