24/04/15 07:44AM
FIFA 16 News: EA Bringing Story Mode To Franchise
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Buy Cheap FIFA Coins From Mmonb.comEA Sports could be looking to add some new features to FIFA 16 and one of those is story mode for FIFA Career.The video game giant recently posted a job listing on it’s website looking for a Narrative Designer.The company says its looking for someone with 5+ years in game development teams in narrative design,...

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22/04/15 08:16AM
Fifa face further Qatar re-vote calls
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cheap wow goldThe Council of Europe could ask that the 2022 World Cup bidding process be re-run, putting increasing pressure on the governing body to take actionFifa's decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar is set to be cast under a further spotlight, with leading lawmakers likely to ask for the bidding process to be re-run.Qatar was announced...

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22/04/15 08:16AM
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team New Update Introduces Apple Watch Support
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Runescape Gold SaleFIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the latest entries of the FIFA series, one of the more popular sports game series ever released. If you have never heard of it before, you must have lived with your head under a rock for the past 20 years or so.The iOS game is a unique take on the FIFA gameplay experience, sporting features...

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22/04/15 08:16AM
FIFA 15 comes to Apple Watch
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Buy Cheap FIFA Coins From Mmonb.comThe latest update to EA's mobile version of FIFA 15 on iOS has brought with it an unexpected change-support for the Apple Watch.The iOS version of FIFA is centred on the Ultimate Team aspect of the game, which allows players to create their dream football team. The wrist-worn offshoot will deliver notifications...

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18/04/15 08:13AM
EA working with ‘partners’ while FIFA 15 servers down
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Futmmo.com | Cheap FIFA Coins For Sale  The official EA Sports FIFA on Twitter has confirmed they are working with Sony and Microsoft while the FIFA 15 FUT servers seem to be down today. As most of Product Reviews readers are aware by now, PSN and Xbox Live are under attack and have been offline for most of December 25.Many developers are...

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