16/10/15 04:57AM
How to make FIFA 16 and PES 2016 a more immersive single-player experience
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As another early international football break wheels away having disrupted our enjoyment at domestic matters, now is the perfect time for football fans to put in some quality time with their shiny new football computer game of choice as they wait for normal service to resume.Last month saw the release of both Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and FIFA 16, and both games are phenomenal slices...

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25/09/15 10:19AM
PES 2016: More Realistic and Natural than FIFA 16
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http://www.nbmmo.com/ After winning the coveted "Best Sports Game of the Year" award last year, we are getting early signs pointing to Pro Evo or PES 2016 (Pro Evolution Soccer) coming on top, beating FIFA 16. The inclusion of a Women's team is the first of its kind, but nothing strikes as praiseworthy other than that in FIFA 16. Also, the Price...

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07/09/15 07:14AM
EA Sports shoots for balance with FIFA 16
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EA Sports is striving for a balanced experience for FIFA 16.cheap fifa 16 coinsDuring the EA 2015 press conference this evening, FIFA chief David Rutter took to the stage to reveal the first gameplay details about the game, due out 24th September 2015.It sounds like FIFA 16 defenders will do a better job of tracking fast-paced players. Pace, FIFA...

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24/08/15 05:23AM
See what World of Warcraft looked like when it was a Warcraft 3 mod
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Game development history buffs, take note: A Blizzard employee took time this week to publish a number of images chronicling the development of World of Warcraft that shed some light on the origins of a game that changed the face of MMORPG design. With help from company curator Dana Bishop and Blizzard's in-house museum team, Blizzard staffer Dave Wilson took to Twitter on...

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24/08/15 05:23AM
PES 2016 Leaps Ahead FIFA 16 with New Features
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Konami is set to reveal full details of their next Pro Evolution Soccer installment, PES 2016, tomorrow, June 12. PES is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and have laid stake to the soccer gaming market with their slogan "The Pitch is Ours." PES 2016 has jumped the gun ahead of its competitor, EA Sports' FIFA 16, in hopes of luring fans to their franchise.http://www.ffmmo.com/Konami...

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