29/01/16 09:06AM
FIFA 16 Recreates Dele Alli Wonder Goal For Tottenham
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Dele Alli is one of the young football players to watch right now and after his wonder goal against Crystal Palace last weekend, you can bet a lot of the top clubs in Europe are zeroing in on the young midfielder. Popular YouTube video gamer bateson87 attempted to recreate the goal in FIFA 16, as did many other players. But he came the closest the replicate the impressive volley...

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14/01/16 08:59AM
The Legion Alpha Test Is Back
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Blizzard announced that their gnomish engineers have returned from their adorable little Winter Veil vacation to bring the Legion alpha test back online—and they've made a few updates in the process!

In addition to all of the content that was previously included in the alpha, testers can now explore the new Val'Sharah zone and delve into the new Darkheart...

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17/12/15 09:17AM
Overwatch Won not Have Progression Like World of Warcraft
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Wow Gold  Blizzard won't be rewarding Overwatch players with fancy weapons or power-ups through its progression system.Speaking with Eurogamer, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said the developer plans on trying different things during the break from the recent beta to figure out the game's progression design."Unlike World of Warcraft or...

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17/12/15 09:17AM
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide For Starters
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FIFA 16 COINS  FIFA 16 was released two months ago and the game brought back a lot of the same, including Ultimate Team. The mode is one of the most popular in FIFA and one that is very difficult at the start. If you are patient and get a few wins, you have a nice chance of creating a decent team in just a few hours.The mode starts off...

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30/10/15 09:00AM
FIFA 16 Tops UK Digital Sales With 4.5m Pounds in September
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FIFA 16 is on track to be the top sports game this year. The popular football franchise topped digital video game sales in September in the UK with revenue estimated at 4.5m Pounds in September.The game was released towards the end of the month of that month and by September 30th, FIFA 16 console versions saw 85,000 downloads. EA Sports has also been seeing strong sales in it's...

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