19/05/16 10:16AM
EA Rolls Out Sixth Title Update for FIFA 16 on PC
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EA has just rolled out its sixth title update for FIFA 16 on the PC. The release of the update on other platforms including the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 are expected at a later date. The update is based on player feedback, and FIFA is expected to continue to take feedback for future updates.

This update adds improvements...

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04/05/16 10:25AM
BPL TOTS FIFA 16 Surprise With Early Reveal
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This year, EA is going to be letting community gamer Spencer Owen reveal the BPL TOTS shortlist for FUT 16 before anywhere else. It will happen on the next episode of Benchwarmers which you can keep updated on by following Spencer on YouTube.

He will announce a 46 BPL shortlist for TOTS, with 23 of them getting TOTS cards from EA. We could have already...

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02/03/16 09:05AM
How to Earn More Coins in FIFA 16
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To get more bang for your buck, FUT Draft is a great way to get a bunch of packs and players and also save on wasting your squad's contracts, too. By paying 15,000 coins, which won't take too long to earn once you get going, you can play in the dream team tournament and earn potentially huge rewards should you progress far enough. 

If you receive...

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01/02/16 08:32AM
Top 5 FIFA 16 Bundesliga Winter Upgrades
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As we edge closer and closer to Valentine's Day, FIFA 16 gamers can only think about one thing: Winter Upgrades. With less than a week left in the Transfer Window, we expect a lot of high profile moves as teams bolster their squads for the second half of the season.

Here, we look at the Top 5 Bundesliga upgrades deserved.


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29/01/16 09:06AM
World Of Warcraft Alpha Updates With New Spider Mount
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Testing of upcoming Legion content for World of Warcraft continues with a new build deployment on the alpha client. The latest patch adds a number of new models, new items, updated class abilities, and Artifact weapon additions. Notable upcoming content includes a highly detailed spider mount, a unicorn model, and a plethora of tome items.

With a level...

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